First Aid in Japanese

At the moment, this guide follows the rote-situation usage style of Minna no Nihongo; I've found that this approach is reaching a bit of a stale point, so I'd just like to preface that I'm working on something else that's more comprehensive and helpful for people who are learning to express thoughts and ideas using the language. Please note that the contemporary geopolitical influences across Japan have pushed its language-education policy to be more vocab-and-kanji intensive, which is workable with this particular current help-guide.

That's not to say that this current guide isn't workable with the other thing I'm working on, but do note that it is not as fluid as native Japanese grammar is supposed to be; nor is it a good guide for learning how to read the unintelligible kanji in manga or anime. In a sense, it's very much congruent to, say, Victorian-Edwardian-style English grammar as opposed to modern, internationalised English grammar: situation-bound, and very hard to understand nuance with.

Once the other guide's done I'll just stick it here as a sister guide, and leave this for those currently wanting to reach N3 or something.